Collection of Iliad Coloring Pages for Personal Use

Patroclus by Order of Achilles Consigning Briseis to the Heralds of Agamemnon coloring page # 198697

departure of briseis from tent

The Nereid Thetis and Briareus of the Hundred Hands coloring page # 198698


Zeus Sending the Evil Dream to Agamemnon coloring page # 198699

desenho sobre a iliada

Aphrodite and Helen coloring page # 198700

helena de la iliada para colorear

Aphrodite Presenting Helen to Paris coloring page # 198701


The Council of the Gods coloring page # 198702

iliad coloring pages

Ares, Iris and Aphrodite coloring page # 198703

dibujo de ares y afrodita

Otus and Ephialtes Holding Ares Captive coloring page # 198704

otus and ephialtes

Diomede Casting His Spear Against Ares coloring page # 198705

john flaxman the iliad

Hector Chiding Paris coloring page # 198706

iliad drawing

Hector and Ajax Separated by Heralds coloring page # 198707

birth of civilization sketch

Hera and Athena Going to Assist the Greeks coloring page # 198708


The Hours Taking the Horses from Heras Car coloring page # 198709


The Embassy to Achilles coloring page # 198710


Diomede and Odysseus Returning with the Spoils of Rhesus coloring page # 198711

diomede disegno da colorare

The Descend of Discord coloring page # 198712


Polydamas Advising Hector to Retire from the Trench coloring page # 198713

iliad polydamas

Poseidon Rising from the Sea coloring page # 198714


Sleep Escaping from the Wrath of Zeus coloring page # 198715


Ajax Defending the Greek Ships Against Trojans coloring page # 198716

homer: the iliad

Sleep and Death Conveying the Body of Sarpedon to Lycia coloring page # 198717


Thetis Ordering Nereids coloring page # 198719

line art

Hera Commanding Sun coloring page # 198720

hera coloring page

Thetis and Eurynome Receiving the Infant Hephaestus coloring page # 198721

thetis and eurynome

Thetis, Charis and Zeus coloring page # 198722


Achilles Mourning Patroclus coloring page # 198723

homer: the iliad

Gods Descending to Battle coloring page # 198724

iliad god descending to war

Achilles Contending with the Rivers coloring page # 198725

homer the iliad poster

Andromache Fainting on the Wall coloring page # 198726


The Funeral Pile of Patroclus coloring page # 198727


Hectors Body Dragged at the Chariot of Achilles coloring page # 198728

john flaxman achilles

Iris Comes to Priam coloring page # 198729


The Funeral of Hector coloring page # 198730