Collection of Fire safety Coloring Pages for Personal Use

Cover Your Mouth and Nose with Clothing to Help Protect You Against Smoke Inhalation coloring page # 208436

cover your mouth drawing

Crawl Low Under Smoke coloring page # 208437

crawl low under smoke coloring page

Dont Cook Alone Or Without Asking an Adult coloring page # 208438

do not play with matches or lighter

Dont Hide, Go Outside coloring page # 208439

line art

Dont Play with Matches, Lighters or Candles coloring page # 208440

line art

Dont Stop for Pets or Toys coloring page # 208441


If You Clothes Catches Fire: Stop, Drop and Roll coloring page # 208442

stop drop and roll printable

Never Stick Anything into an Electrical Socket coloring page # 208443

electric socket worksheet colouring

Replace Old Smoke Alarm Batteries with Brand New Ones at Least Once a Year coloring page # 208444


Test Smoke Alarms Monthly to Make Sure They are Working coloring page # 208445


Try to Find Two Ways out from Every Room in Your Home coloring page # 208446


Call 911 in Case of Fire coloring page # 208447

line art